Portfolio – Flash Development

Web Animations

I have produced several small Flash® projects which seamlessly integrate a Flash-based animation into a web layout. Two of these are still active on the web:

My major Flash® projects have been two movies which involved complex media integration…

Reply® Product Marketing CD for Houses of Worship
The Interactive Congregation

Working closely with the Creative Director at jAess Consulting I built two versions a Flash® Movie that was used as a Marketing CD and a interactive trade show KIOSK presentation. Working with a professionally written script and storyboard, I used still photography, video, an engineered sound track, voice-over audio, and my own animations to produce a 7:00 min + high resolution movie with hi-fidelity sound. The benefits and uses of Reply® wireless interactive products are showcased in a non-traditional setting — Houses of Worship. (Running time: 7:05)

Flash Development for Fleetwood Group - 2009

The Power of Interaction

This project was also produced under the direction of jAess Consulting. Developed as a presentation for Trade shows in Europe, the objective was to animate information about the top five REPLY® Wireless products and their associated accessories into a presentation which required no narration.

Set to a popular European techno beat, I used a combination of existing product photography and content from Fleetwood Group collateral marketing material to produce a series of slides connected with a kinetic interface running on auto-pilot. The sound track was engineered to loop in specific areas to match the animation.

The movie was shown on a large flat screen and quickly provided a good return on investment by drawing trade show visitors to the Fleetwood Group booth. (Running time: 4:05)